I offer vintage and modern sewing patterns that are often hard to find or discontinued. Modern sewing patterns and some vintage patterns are uncut with factory folds. If a pattern is cut I go through each piece and note the condition. I began selling on Etsy in 2008, and still do, but prefer to offer options for buyers. The same great service is provided wherever you prefer to shop!

I also offer digital crochet, knit, needlework and sewing patterns. I take pride that my digital patterns are redone and presented in an easy to use format. The text is retyped so that you have an easy to read pattern with large print and the images are redone so you have a clear idea of what you are creating. I think you will appreciate the work that goes into the patterns I offer. Check out the resource pages for information on hook and needle sizes, pattern abbreviations and vintage yarns.

I’ve done everything from crocheting to woodworking at different times in my life. I really enjoy creating and seeing a finished product and knowing it began with an idea and came from my hands! My hands don’t always work well now but I still enjoy working with patterns for others to enjoy!